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About me, Dr. Alexander Rens
I offer you an proven and unparalleled commitment to high-quality health care and first-class treatment. I believe that, in health care, it is important to be compassionate and, at the same time, not lose track of the reality of the situation. I am a very caring person and I will do my best to bring a high degree of professionalism and efficiency to it.

My organization and analytical skills, combined with my attitude, have allowed me to successfully complete the School of Health at the University of New England, Maine in 2008, where I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Naturopathic Medicine and earned my certificate. During my tenure in New England I obtained valuable insights into health program coordination, individualized treatments, health examinations, clinical processes, patient needs assessment and education, and health management of standard procedures. All of these experiences, among many others, afforded me with invaluable opportunities. 

Throughout my experience as a naturopath physician here, at, a leading distributer of finest natural health products, I have successfully provided strong and effective leadership, guidance and direction to our clients while demonstrating efficient and innovative solutions to the complex issues facing the research projects or development of new supplements and nutrition solutions, that will probably help many of you face and overcome numerous challenges. I will personaly ensure that each function and operational aspect will be conducted in a highly professional manner and adhered to corporate standards, industry regulations, and professional ethics.

I offer a demonstrated ability to exceed customers expectations from both the business and customer service perspective. My education, training, and my extensive experiences in Naturopathic Medicine, coupled with strong academic background and relevant certifications, have equipped me with the critical abilities to develop and improve the quality of life in our society.

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