7 Oz Powder (200 Grams) or 300 Capsules, Cereal Grass

Provides live enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
100% pure organic barley powder with.
Less than 1/2 the cost per serving of the competition when taking the powder.
Helps overall energy, enhances performance for active lifestyles.
Cost effective and easy – no juicing mess!


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A clear choice in the green juice wars.
With Vita-Barley, you get the benefits of barley juice without the high price. The barley is organically grown in an excellent environment and is harvested at the proper time in order to preserve its nutritional value. After the barley is juiced, it is dried into powder using a dehydrating process that does not exceed 88° F. Vita-Barley is made from pure barley juice powder without maltodextrin or other fillers. Because the product contains no fillers and is 100% pure, the serving size is smaller, only 1 teaspoon at a time! Vita-Barley is up to 75% cheaper than competing products on a per serving basis.

Doctor Vita recommends Vita-Barley,
Promotes the health of the immune system.
Provides live enzymes.
Delivers a wide range of antioxidants.
Helps overall energy.
Enhances performance for active lifestyles.
Provides anti-inflammatory benefits.
Includes complete set of amino acids.
Cost effective and easy–no juicing mess!

Suggested Use: Take on an empty stomach or shortly before meals. Mix one level teaspoon of Vita-Barley in a small glass of water or juice. Vita-Barley mixes easier by shaking rather than stirring. Take 2-3 times per day (or more if you need more nutrition).

Serving Size for Powder: 1 level teaspoon
Servings per 7 oz bottle of powder: 100

Serving Size for Capsules: 5 Capsules
Servings per 300 count bottle of capsules: 60

Contains: No Added Gluten, fiber or fillers, artificial colors or preservatives.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children.


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Weight 4 oz